Stella Key about ‘Broken Dream’

Stella Key releases her new song Broken Dream with Signature on february 28, 2020. She tells us more about the progress towards the release and what it means for her and what the song is about. “Broken Dream is the beginning of me as the person I am today, that’s the reason why it’s so important to me. The idea of this song came around when I just started my music production courses and began shaping my sound. So this song is the beginning of me as ‘Stella Key’. The style is a combination of pop and electronic music with a twist towards bass music, which is the core of my sound. “

What is the song Broken Dream about?

“This song tells the story of a heartbreak which ended up changing my life for the better. After this relationship of four years with the person I thought I’d be spending the rest of my life with ended, I was completely lost. Once again, music saved my life. I decided to dedicate all my focus and energy to music, from that moment the direction of my life changed.”

How did the production of the song go?

“I wrote and sang this song and at the same time I started working on the production. Just when I started growing an interest in electronic music I met a fellow classmate who had quite similar interests in music. After sending him my idea, we decided to work on it together.

Both of us were willing to work really hard on finishing Broken Dream, we also learned a lot from this collaboration. I was able to work on growing my production skills but at the same time we spent a lot of time re-writing and fine tuning the melodie and the lyrics. I recorded the song multiple times to get the result I was looking for. Altogether, to me, this collaboration was an absolute success story.”

You are also a DJ? Tell us more…

“I have been performing as a singer-songwriter since I was 16. Since I started producing music I noticed a shift of interest in genre from pop and ballads accompanied with only a guitar or a piano, into energetic future pop with massive productions and silky vocals.

With this new found interest I started attending my favorite producers/artists shows. Seeing the crowd experience pure euphoria during the heavy and uplifting, yet sometimes rather melancholic sets, and also being a part of that, inspired me to share my own story. So I decided to share my songs and passion for a combination of pop and bass music by dj-ing.”

What are your future dreams?

“My dream is simply to make music and be able to live off of it. To me, that is happiness.
I’m also very passionate about working with like minded producers/artists. One of my ultimate goals, career wise, would be to work with producers like Ekali and Droeloe that have inspired me to do what I’m doing today.

I also aspire to play a lot of shows around the world and share my songs and passion for what I do with as many people as possible.”

Why did you release with Signature?

“Apart from being open to work with artists from different genres, Signature values each and every artist’s vision and empowers them to create their own sound. I experienced a lot of creative freedom while working with Signature. Instead of trying to change an artist into something they could have control over, Signature is all about helping artists share their sound and vision in their own unique way.

Sisters in songwriting, Signature’s all female project, values gender equality in the music industry. Being a female producer myself, I have experienced countless situations where I’ve been looked down upon by male producers. However that didn’t stop me, in fact it only pushed me to work harder. Not to prove anything to anyone, but to make myself and the people who trusted me proud! These are a few of the reasons why I decided to release ‘Broken Dream’ with Signature. I’m looking forward to continuing working with Signature and creating opportunities for artists and producers to share their sound in their own unique way.”

Stella Key