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VTJE is ready!

VTJE brengt op 23 december samen met aanstormend talent XYV het nummer WOKE uit.  Met deze release geeft ze aan dat ze precies is waar ze moet zijn, ondanks haar ambities om nog veel verder te komen met haar muziek. 

Joshua J celebrates ‘1998’ with an unplugged release

'This song originates from the titlesong of my debut album which was released a year ago. It's basically the blueprint for that whole project. 1998 is the most personal song I’ve ever written. Writing this song has helped me to put a lot of things in place and I grew as a person because of it. This song means the world to me.'

Mr. Officer is ready to share his music and his vision.

Mr. Officer talks about his track 'Tun Up' where he collaborated with Leftside, producer Darr3n and GinDaroCa. After being on stage as a well known MC at various events he worked on his signature sound and is ready to share his music and his vision.
Stella Key

Multitalent Stella Key shares the progress of ‘Broken Dream’

Stella Key releases her new song Broken Dream on february 28 with Signature. She tells us more about the progress towards the release and what it means for her and what the song is about. "Broken Dream is the beginning of me as the person I am today, that’s the reason why it’s so important to me. The idea of this song came around when I just started my music production courses and began shaping my sound. So this song is the beginning of me as ‘Stella Key’. The style is a combination of pop and electronic music with a twist towards bass music, which is the core of my sound. "

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