Joshua J celebrates ‘1998’ with an unplugged release

‘This song originates from the titlesong of my debut album which was released a year ago. It’s basically the blueprint for that whole project. 1998 is the most personal song I’ve ever written. Writing this song has helped me to put a lot of things in place and I grew as a person because of it. This song means the world to me.’

You collaborated with a lot of people on this song, how did the collaboration go?

“It went pretty smoothly. Even though I had not worked with some of the people beforehand everybody was super dedicated and I really appreciate them for it.”

What can we expect next?

“I’m currently finishing up my next big project. Personally I’m really excited for it but I can’t really share a lot about it just yet.”

Why did you choose to work with Signature?

” I like the people that run the company a lot. A thing that I also really like is the flexibility in which you can work with them. Besides that they’re great at their jobs!”